my week in Plaubel (b+w). 

The Borges.  

Last fall I wrote and directed a film called “No Way Jose.” In the the film I play Jose, a washed up indie rocker who leads a band called The Borges-- recently  relegated to playing children’s birthday parties. I assembled a group of pals to play the band — some of whom I’ve played and recorded with in “real life”, some of whom I hadn’t. Determined to stick to the dogma of being “a real band” we recorded the songs we’d need for playback live — trying in the course of day to sound as if we’d been playing together for 20 years. If we sounded sluggish, I figured, that would work too.  Nearly finished with editing the film I needed to do some sweetening, back up vox, and overdubs.  That’s what we did today at The Ship in Eagle Rock, owned and operated by long time collaborator Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart. Aaron’s in the film, as is my other longtime collaborator, trumpet player, singer/songwriter, producer Andrew Lynch. He recorded my last album. Also featured is Johnny Gutenberger of Two Sheds. He’s on bass in the film. Missing from these shots is Clark Stiles of The Good Listeners who played drums for The Borges. We didn’t need him today. But we missed him dearly. Oh, and I’m missing from the photos. 

plaubel redux. 

some years and about 1,000 posts ago there were quite a few pictures I posted using my favorite camera,  the Plaubel 670…or my favorite medium format camera anyway…or my favorite medium format camera that I had for only 2 weeks before having to return to ebay seller because of a faulty rangefinder…which really only  one place in the U.S. was qualified to fix…So I returned it and opted instead for the brand new, reliable, versatile, slightly slower (3.5) and decidedly less sexy  Bessa III —with which many many of my photos both personal and professional were taken. I since sold that pretty great camera as I focused more on instant film, large format, 35mm, and lastly and perhaps alas-ly my digital Leica M with which I am in ambivalent  love…But I never stopped longing for the finicky quasi compact beast with the collapsable 2.8 Nikkor lens that is the Plaubel 670….These are test shots, nothing special…but I’m reminded of what it is I loved about the thing and about film….film….film…


These women, my Grandma Sarah (98) and her sister, my Auntie Jen (100), both feel better than Steve and me.