last weekend we made mariachi music for no way jose at Aaron’s studio, the ship,and clark brought clyde, both of whom are in the film, so he could record something he was too young to say when we shot it, too young to speak at all actually and someone’s ‘82 Beamer was parked out front, and heather picked up Andrew around midnight.

this week in Jose. 

Still recording music for my film No Way Jose, or as I like to refer to it,  La Puerta del Cielo. In the film I play a washed up indie rocker who fronts a band called The Borges  which has resorted to playing children’s birthday parties. We recorded the live Borges tracks before production. And though the film consists largely of source tracks rather than score (songs you may or may not know), there’s still some incidental music I needed to make for, say a restaurant scene or background Mariachi music. So this weekend, Elsie Anderson, an accordion player and all around beautiful soul,  came down to Glassel Park, to fellow Borges member, Aaron Espinoza’s, studio, The Ship. I wrote her into the movie after I saw her play at Taix and needed her to add a bit of incidental music.  Her axe weighs easily as much as she does and who dead lifts it out of her trunk when I’m not around, sweet Elsie? She’s playing a version of one of the Borges tracks we play live in the film. A soft reference to The Long Goodbye, wherein the theme song keeps showing up in different genres and sets throughout the film. 

Then our Borges splinter group,  Andrew Lynch, Aaron, Roxanne, and myself — formerly christened as The Beer Haze — channelled our inner mariachi the rest of the weekend. The Modela Especial helped the cause. And of course the fact that I’m 1/32nd Mexicano (playing 1/8th in the film, it was a stretch, but I’m method, so it’s cool). 


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There is a third Goldberg Sister. Her name is Zeppo. She is—incredible as it may seem—dimmer than Adam. Earlier this evening we attempted to make an organic slapback effect but our sweet Zeppo appears not to have gotten the memo. xoCeleste. #thegoldbergsisters #goldbergsisters