Cross Connect Featured Curator: Benoit Ciron [The Gasoline StationNew Erotics]

Selfies Self-Portraits by Inspiring Artists on Tumblr:

  1. Megan McIsaac
  2. Mercedes Esquivel 
  3. Nina Cunningham
  4. Kacie Marie
  5. Andrea
  6. Adam Goldberg
  7. Ari Gabel
  8. Mariam Sitchinava
  9. Bex Finch
  10. Reuben Wu


There is a third Goldberg Sister. Her name is Zeppo. She is—incredible as it may seem—dimmer than Adam. Earlier this evening we attempted to make an organic slapback effect but our sweet Zeppo appears not to have gotten the memo. xoCeleste. #thegoldbergsisters #goldbergsisters

sunday afternoon with grandma sarah (98). 

a captioned photoset. 

thinkin’ maybe I’ll start playing live again.