There is a third Goldberg Sister. Her name is Zeppo. She is—incredible as it may seem—dimmer than Adam. Earlier this evening we attempted to make an organic slapback effect but our sweet Zeppo appears not to have gotten the memo. xoCeleste. #thegoldbergsisters #goldbergsisters

sunday afternoon with grandma sarah (98). 

a captioned photoset. 

thinkin’ maybe I’ll start playing live again.

i think i may have gotten billie holiday tattooed on me today as an extravagant excuse to take more photos of old pal and muse mark mahoney…

…and his co-pioneer of black-and-gray fine-line tattooing, freddy negrete (who first tattooed me in 1993 before I met mark who later covered that tattoo up, but that’s another story…or a story at all).  

today reunited diminishing hoard of polaroid chocolate with lately neglected long suffering mistress mamiya universal press. 

Confucius in the Marketplace. 

Every so often when I’m feeling disheartened by television network ABC’s (a network for which I worked only last year) apparent disregard for my 25 year career in show business and for the marketplace confusion it has caused, by airing a program whose protagonist bears its creator’s name but one which I also possess and have for some time longer…..I remind myself it could be worse: 

I could be brilliant singer/songwriter Scott Walker (not to be confused by  douchebag fascist governor of Wisconsin with the same name). 

I could be groundbreaking developmental psychologist Erik Erikson (not to be confused by his homonym, douchebag fascist editor of, Erick Erickson ). 

Hell I could be 1950’s tv sitcom, The Goldbergs (totally unrelated to the contemporary series to which I’m referring, which borrowed? its name). 

And I don’t feel better. But I imagine I could feel worse.